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Damp Knights Improv Comedy

Alien Abducktion





Showing at

The White Room

Wednesday 28 June 8.00pm

Join Damp Knight Improv in their latest comedy special, ALIEN ABDUCKTION, as they invent and scramble their way through an evening of impossible scenes, ridiculous gameshows and even the odd inconceivable musical number, all to provide an evening’s entertainment for you, their audience.

The Damp Knights are a group of talented (they promise it’s true!) actors, performers and general miscreants that know how to make audiences laugh, but have no idea how to write a script.

Damp Knight Improv brings you a ludicrous show that will have you rolling with laughter at their signature brand of insane improvised comedy, which takes elements of ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, ‘Fast and Loose’ and ‘Mock the Week’, coupled with audience suggestions and a complete lack of preparation time to produce a performance you won’t forget in a hurry.

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Wednesday 28 June 2017