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Louise Mackenzie: Viral Experiments

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Gallery One & Two

Saturday 14 January – Saturday 4 March

Louise Mackenzie is a UK based artist creating installation, sculpture, performance, sound and film works. With a focus on living material, she is interested in the relationships between medium, sound, image and text, attempting to find ways in which these can be connected to produce unexpected results.

Her installation, The Stars Beneath Our Feet, originally commissioned by Artichoke for Lumiere Durham 2015, has since shown in Edinburgh and Shanghai. Louise received the New Graduate Award at Synthesis, Manchester Science Festival, 2013 and was a finalist in the international Bio Art & Design Awards, 2015. Louise is a PhD candidate with the BxNU Institute of Contemporary Art and member of the Cultural Negotiations of Science research group where she explores the agency of the organism through fine art practice.  

The works in this show explore themes of vitality through Louise’s research in biotechnology and our relationship with the microbiological.

Explore more about the Genophone here at Louise's website

View the Genophone in action here



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Gallery images plus...
Mutated Speech
 (video still): spectrogram of DNA translated as speech
Lively Material (video still): E. coli containing synthetic DNA
The Genophone (Prototype DNA translation software): digitally altered image of E. coli containing synthetic DNA
-phage (installation detail): vial of synthetic DNA

All images credited to: Louise Mackenzie

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Saturday 14 January 2017 to Saturday 04 March 2017